Eros and Psyche


Eros and Psyche is a mythological couple that was seriously tormented until they managed to live and enjoy their love without obstacles. This is the myth of Eros and Psyche as described by Roman author Apoulios in 2nd century AD.

Although God Eros was responsible for the troubles of many mortals and immortals, he didn’t manage to escape his own arrows either. He fell helplessly in love with Psyche, a mortal woman who was considered amazingly beautiful. The myth of Eros and Psyche is tender and nice and proves the power of love and eros in our lives.

The myth of Eros and Psyche

eros and psyche
Eros and Psyche

Psyche was a mortal woman, daughter of an ordinary family with three children. Her beauty was so infamous that people from all over the world were coming to see her and admire her, celebrating her more than Aphodite.

Goddess Aphrodite, when figured out what was happening, decided to ask her son, Eros, to intervene; she asked him to poison men’s souls so that they don’t desire Psyche. Eros, however, turned his arrows against him, blinded from Psyche’s beauty. He fell madly in love with her.

Years were passing and Psyche’s parents were troubled because of the lack of potential fiancés for their daughter. They decided to send someone to Delphi to ask for an oracle, suspecting that some god was involved. At Delphi, God Apollo, guided by Eros, gave this Oracle:

“Psyche will not marry any mortal. Her husband is expecting her at the top of the mountain. He is an ugly beast and no one, mortal or immortal can resist him”.

Psyche’s parents were deeply sad, but decided to fulfill the oracle preparing the wedding of their daughter with the beast.

The wedding did take place indeed, but Psyche was not allowed to see her husband in plain light; he was appearing to her only at night in full dark. He was, though, so tender and good hearted that Psyche understood that it was not possible that he was an ugly beast as they were saying, but the man she was hoping for all her life.

She had a great time with him, but she was seriously troubled not being able to see him. When she visited her parents’ house once, her sisters, jealous of her happiness, convinced her that since he doesn’t want to reveal his face he is not only a monster, but he is also planning to kill her. Therefore, they suggested her to kill him first.

Psyche Loses Eros

psyche sees the face of eros
Psyche sees the face of Eros

Psyche went back to the palace and lied down with her mysterious husband. When he fell asleep, Psyche took an oil lamp and a knife, determined to kill him. She bended over him and as she enlightened his face she was surprised to see the gorgeous God Eros.

Psyche was shocked and being nervous she spilled some hot oil on Eros. He woke up and flew away, telling Psyche that her suspicions killed their love and that they would never be able to be together anymore, since a mortal woman saw the face of an immortal.

Psyche full of remorse, started looking for Eros everywhere, but every effort was unsuccessful. At some point, after wandering around, she reached the temple of Goddess Demeter, who suggested that she should beg Aphrodite to let her see Eros.

Aphrodite had imprisoned Eros in the Palace, in order to make him forget Psyche and heal his wounds from the hot oil. She did hear, though, Psyche’s pleas and told her that she should complete three hard tasks in order to prove her love for Eros.

Tasks were almost impossible to fulfill, but nevertheless, Psyche managed to complete the first two successfully. The third task required her to descend to the Underworld (Hades) and bring Aphrodite a box belonging to Persephone. The box contained the elixir of beauty and Psyche was not allowed to open it. Psyche took the box, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to open it and take some of the secret elixir that would make her even more beautiful. Persephone, though, had replaced the magic filter with Morpheus, who made Psyche fall into deep sleep.

Eros Saves Psyche

When Eros found out what happened to his beloved, he escaped the palace, went to mount Olympus and begged Zeus to save Psyche. Zeus, touched by his love for Psyche, made her immortal, allowing Eros to be with her forever.


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